Monday, November 21, 2011

Doing What You Should With Your Time and Money

If you think because of the title that this is going to order you around and tell you how to cut costs and budget your money, you are only partially right. Let’s narrow it down to the “nitty-gritty” of you and your business. Do you want to sit comfortably in your “executive office” and see more money flow in and less flow out? Along with enjoying what you do and offering a valuable service or product to others, that cash-in and cash-out thing should be your goal. Seems logical in black and white, but how often do we witness it in living color?
The inflow
Raise your hand if your business does not requiring promoting. If you raised yours, we need to talk. It does not matter what business you are in, you need to convince your customers or clients that you are the one, hopefully the only one. Nobody will get that across like you do because nobody cares as much. If you are not spending most of your time and energy creating new business, your cash-in will suffer. If you have a home-based business it is so easy to get distracted – you might find yourself looking for a client’s folder and somehow end up on the hallway floor playing Junior Trivial Pursuit with your 9 year-old. You certainly do not need to fill your head with all the stuff behind the scenes that prevents you from performing the activities that create the inflow of money. The ideal scenario is having enough money and lots of time, so you can play all the games you want.
The outflow
It is so easy to find things to do when you have a business. The amount of hats we wear is overwhelming. We become the errand runner, the accountant, the phone answering service and the mailroom all in a day’s routine. We probably even get to be the janitor, and if we need a location that requires a very professional appearance we put out the feelers for a real executive office or temporary office space. Who in the world has time to do what increases our cash-in when we are so busy wearing all those other necessary hats? Guess what? You can get rid of all those heavy hats and only wear the one with the big, gold, dollar sign. Global Business Centers, whether near you - or not - because it is a virtual world we live in, can solve the delegation issue. Stop doing what a virtual office can do for you. Cloning yourself in those important, but interfering, capacities will cost little and result in abundance. 
The best consequence of all
Sometimes, we need to really look at what we do to keep our businesses running. If you think you cannot afford the relief of a virtual office system, make sure you look deeper. Many of us find reasons not to do what works best because we are afraid to do those activities that produce the most. We keep ourselves busy with the other stuff to avoid doing what counts. Raise your necessity level by delegating almost everything but passionate promoting. One of the best rewards is how much you will enhance that vital ability.
And, that is a basic guideline to follow for what you should do with your time and money.

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